Thursday, January 8, 2009

A year ago today.....(by mommy)

We were in the hosptial, in labor and almost ready to start pushing. I really cannot beleive it has been a year! Owen has grown so much in this short time. He is walking and talking up a storm. He says mama, dada, oggie(doggie), hi(only to the dogs) and lots of other crazy babble. He is drinking whole milk and eats what ever he can get his hands on, encluding stickers (thanks grandma)! He waves hi and bye and knows to go to his room when it's diaper time and nigh nigh time. He has also started giving things to me when i ask for them, he got me the remote the other day, way better than the dogs! He loves reading books and knows the difference between the doggie book and Halloween Jack. He can also pick Wylee out in the dog book. What a smart kid! I thought I would post some of Owen's first pictures, enjoy!

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